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Pharmacology Technics

Non disease specific models

Mechanistic  models

Paw oedema models on rats





Uric acid induced
PAR2 agonist (SLIGRL-NH2)-induced

Paw oedema models on guinea pig

Ovalbumin-induced on ovalbumin sensitized animals


Plasma extarvasation models

Capsaicin-induced tracheal and bronchial

Antigen challenge-induced tracheal and bronchial


Air-pouch models


LPS-induced inflammation

Zymosan-induced inflammation

Phorbol-12 myristate-13 acetate (PMA)-induced inflammation

Eotaxin-induced inflammation

Uric acid-induced inflammation


Organ bath technics


Spontaneous trachel tone to test airway smooth muscle relaxing effect

Constrictor mediator precontracted (contracture) tracheal preparation to test airway smooth muscle relaxing effect

Antagonisation of constrictor mediator-induced constriction to test airway smooth muscle relaxing effect

Electricaly field stimulated tracheal/bronchial preparation

- Cholinergic contraction

- NANC contraction

- NANC relaxation

Intracell Ca pool refill mechnism examination on isolated tracheal preparations changing Ca2+ containing and Ca2+ free medium

“Skinned” tracheal preparation to test intracellular Ca mechanisms

Ascaris suum antigen-induced tracheal constriction in sheep
Lung function measuring
Konzett Rössler technics
Airway resistance and compliance measuring by pletismograph technics
Airway and tissue resistanec and compliance measuring by impedancy