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Endre Mikus
Mikus Endre Labmagister CEO Having graduated as a pharmacist in 1984 from the Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest, Hungary, Endre started his carrier that same year as a research fellow in the General and Safety Pharmacology Department of the Chinoin Pharmaceutical Company at . Ten years later he was chosen to become Head of the Experimental Pharmacology Department at the Budapest R&D site of Sanofi Ltd., where he remained until 30 June 2012.. He, and his team, has worked on many different fields of pharmacology (cardiovascular and respiratory systems, immuno-inflammation, diabetes, obesity, general pharmacology etc.). He is renowned for his skills in organ bath techniques and in vitro cardiac microelectrophysiology. At Sanofi he initiated and project managed a number of successful research programmes. He also sat on the boards of numerous decision-making bodies within international and multidisciplinary Sanofi R&D organizations. He introduced and applied Systems Pharmacology tools into the daily practice of his Experimental Pharmacology team. He also holds 22 granted patents and has produced numerous research publications and oral presentations. He is an acknowledged inventor of the internationally-granted patent on the antitussive effect of natural xanthine derivative theobromine. Based on this invention, AhnGook Ltd. developed and launched theobromine-containing Anycough TM, an oral antitussive drug, in 2010. He is a member of various scientific societies and associations.

Agnes Hajnal
Hajnal Agnes Labmagister owner Agnes graduated as a biologist in 2001 from the University of Szeged, Hungary. She furthered her studies  with a PhD  in the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine. Having completed her scholarship she started work as a group leader in the Pharmacology Department of Sanofi Ltd, Co. at Budapest R&D site , where she remained until 30 June 2012. She has become an outstanding specialist in cardiovascular pharmacology, having investigated  both the mechanisms and the potential treatment options of arrhythmias during her PhD. She is also an expert in immuno-inflammation pharmacology focusing principally, but not exclusively, on pulmonary inflammation (COPD, asthma, ARDS, cough etc.), and allergies (allergic asthma, food allergy, skin athopy etc.). In connection with her research interest she is familiar with biomarker identification and quantitative measurement (cytokine and chemokine quantitation by ELISA, leukocyte identification by both morphometry and flow cytometry etc.). Having  taken a number of master classes on flow cytometry she has a high-level command of the practical applications of flow cytometry techniques in Integrative Pharmacology investigations. With a postgraduate qualification in  microsurgery she is train to perform any surgical interventions required by in vivo pharmacology studies.

Olga Losonczi
Losonczi Olga Labmagister owner Olga originally graduated with a BSc in Chemistry. She got experience in the subject first at Semmelweis University in Budapest and then at the University of San Francisco where she studied biochemistry. She holds a FELASA training certificate from the Faculty of Veternary Science at the Szent István University in and from the Jackson laboratory in USA. She took part in a microsurgery master class at University of Debrecen, Hungary. She has recently completed her Hungarian pharmacy assistant training so is familiar with both the theoretical and practical solutions to the problems of pharmacological drug preformulation. She has worked in the biotechnology field at Chiron Corporation in California.  As her academic and private-sector experience shows, she has a diverse and comprehensive command of the Life Sciences. Besides her strong theoretical background she is outstandingly skilled at  pharmacological lab work. She has more than 10 years’ experience of working in pharmacology labs, for Sanofi Ltd in Hungary and the company’s North American research site. She is also an expert in CNS model fields and managing biochemistry/cell biology assays  (ELISA,immuno-histochemistry etc.).