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Human diagnostics

This division deals with investigating the potential causes of immune dysregulation and the diagnosis of immuno-inflammatory disorders. Our special interest is in testing immune regulation of uterine and circulating peripheral blood natural killer cells and their association with reproductive immunology such as recurrent pregnancy loss, implantation failures, or preeclampsia.

Test and Assays Available

    • Disease status monitoring by CD4+/CD8+ leukocytes ratio investigation, including for HIV positive persons
    • Monitoring the T, B and NK cells in immunodeficiency, autoimmune and viral infection diseases
    • NK function and cytotoxicity determination
    • Th1/Th2 orientation using PMA + ionomycyn stimulated PBMCs
    • Identification of immune-markers in immune-related diseases
    • ELISA and RT-PCR technics
    • Human sperm DNA fragmentation
    • Human semen IL-6 and IL-8 level determination
    • Occurrence of reactive oxygen radicals in human sperm and/or peripherial blood leukocytes

Detailed list

Veterinary diagnostics

    • Immunophenotyping dog lymphomas and other malignancies