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What do we offer

Training courses

Hands-on training courses and seminars are provided by professors and trainers with a solid and long-standing experience in the Life Sciences. They give you a hand to get the practice you require. Groups consist of small numbers of trainees. Even individual one-on-one tuition. Courses or training packages. We also are able to offer a flexible, personalised thematic as required. A safe and comfortable laboratory environment with all the necessary scientific equipment, tools and reagents. On completion, we provide a final certificate and a document containing the course thematic and photos of you practicing experiments. If your assay or pharmacology model generates scientific data, we provide you all the data including a final evaluation of the experiment. We help to ensure this document complies with the requirements of a scientific publication. There is nothing more convincing than to present a potential employer with the results of work you have carried out with your hands and to the highest scientific standards. We can help in finding accommodation and advising on local transportation. We also help to find and choose additional social programmes (sightseeing tours, gastronomy, adventures, concerts etc.)


In the diagnostics domain, LabMagister works closely alongside leading laboratory diagnostics organisations and private medical centres. We provide services for the diagnosis of immune disorders including rare diseases, inflammatory disorders and pregnancy complications (women with histories of unexplained infertility, recurrent implantation failure, recurrent pregnancy loss etc.). We provide primary, cell-based diagnostic solutions to assess patients’ Th1/Th2 orientation.

We also test for potential causes of male infertility. Our complex male fertility platform is based on  flow cytometry techniques. Human semen samples are analysed in respect to DNA fragmentation, leukocyte composition, reactive oxygen radical abundancy and bacterial content. 

We also offer services to HIV patients to track changes in their lymphocytes’ CD4/CD8 ration. By supporting clinical trials we are also open to developing client-tailored immunology techniques.

Preclinical Pharmacology Services

LabMagister as an expert-based contract research organisation specialised in inflammatory (lung, skin and gut) and cardiovascular disease indications. The scope of our interest covers COPD, asthma, psoriasis, IBD and cardio-metabolic syndromes Details can be found under Activities/CRO Activities.

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