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Basic in vitro skills

LabMagister knows how difficult the orientation in a laboratory for a beginner. LabMagister gives you a compass with his trainings to help your self-navigation in the labs.  These types of trainings give you a solid base to start activities in a laboratory. Among the others we will teach you how to use and handle the basic laboratory tools and equipments (Balance, pH measuring, microscope, spectrophotometer, centrifuge, haematocytometer etc.)

Basic in vitro Laboratory Practice: OverviewDetailed program

Basic in vivo skills

In these trainings you can learn how to handle laboratory animal species (mice, rat, guinea pig, rabbit etc…). You will also acquire an expertise in the treatments, anesthesia, randomization, tagging, restraint etc. of the laboratory animals.

Hands-on Basic Cell Culture: OverviewDetailed program

In vitro Pharmacology

Compared to the extremely complex living organism examinations the in vitro pharmacology gives you the opportunity to test biologically active molecules on isolated tissues and organs. In vitro assays are good tools to examine cellular mechanisms by measuring functional endpoints.  We provide you both theoretical and practical guidance to study organ bath methods and cell based assays.

Hands-on Organ Bath Technics: OverviewDetailed program

Advanced in vivo skills (basic skills needed)

If you are already familiar with both in vitro and in vivo basic technics we support you to make a step forward. We will introduce you to the universe of the complex in vivo studies e.g. blood cell preparation, different lavage methods, physiology parameters measuring, rodent colonoscopy etc..This level is a prerequisite to start doing in vivo pharmacology.

In vivo Pharmacology

If you have sufficient background and motivation to study in vivo pharmacology LabMagister is the best place to do it. Our modern state-of-art scientific equipments and experienced trainers will introduce you to the complex pharmacology investigations. You will get opportunity to use the scientific equipments of the two word leader manufacturers, Experimetria Ltd., and WPI Ltd. We give you guidance how to plan experiments, write a protocol, register the primary data in a lab note book, how to calculate and present the results.

Summer course: Overview
  - Basic in vitro laboratory practice & organ bath technics
Detailed program
  - Basic in vivo laboratory practiceDetailed program
  - Advances in vivo laboratory practice
Detailed program

Integrative and Systems Pharmacology, from theory to practice

LabMagister is a pioneer company who has integrated into both his philosophy and practice the Systems Biology approaches. The implementation of Systems Pharmacology to the laboratory practice opened a new era in experiment planning and in the increase of the predictive value of in vivo animal models. We show you the way how to develop new target/mechanism -related mechanistic models and how to choose a disease model which assures the best fits to your targeted cellular mechanism.