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About us

We are offering this basic course for the people who wants to work in a Life sciences laboratory doing research. They have solide theoretical background but the hands-on lab practice is not emphasized enough or just missing from the education thematic of their host education organisation. The working behaviour and the attitude to work together with other scientists in a common laboratory, the adaptation and/or implementation into the practice what they leart in theoretical cources (measuring pH, using lab balances, centrifuges, microscopes, pipettes, pipettors etc.), HSE regulations etc. are involved in the thematic of this course. The participants will be trained how to use the self protecting clothes and devices (mascs and gloves) and their attention will also be drawn to the contingencies in association with the work in a laboratory. Besides teaching how to behave in the lab and use basic tools they will get practical instructions how to understand written protocols, doing simple experimental planning, data treatment and making quality complient lab book registrations.

LabMagister Ltd. was established in March 2012 by four principal senior scientists of the Sanofi Experimental Pharmacology group when Sanofi decided to close the Budapest Immuno-inflammation R&D centre. Labmagister rents approx. 400 m2 of laboratory space at Sanofi’s Újpest site, making use of the state-of-the-art scientific equipment park at the former Sanofi R&D centre.

Over the past 30 years the members of LabMagister Ltd. have initiated and managed several successful R&D projects in. Several of these programmes have reached the preclinical development phase. The team has managed Lead, Advanced Lead and Development Candidate characterisation as either project leaders or international/multicultural project team members. The CEO of LabMagister was also involved in the international decision-making body (R&D board) of Sanofi’s Immuno-Inflammation Therapeutic Unit. He combines his strategic planning and decision-making activities with lean managerial function in a multicultural/international experimental pharmacology unit. He initiated and managed the entire pharmacology operation of Sanofi at Budapest site, including the Rules of Discovery Quality Control Systems Pharmacology, Personalised Medicine and Open Innovation initiatives. Therefore, he is familiar with both the latest trends and quality requirements of drug discovery research. The other members of LabMagister Ltd. are highly-qualified pharmacologists. They have gained extensive experience in cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastro-intestinal fields, as well as in skin pharmacology including cell biology techniques supporting L2AdvL, L2C and DC processes. They are also well versed in quality control procedures that are essential for quasi GLP operation of preclinical drug discovery, i.e. writing of SOPs, working plans/protocols and Specific Pharmacology Reports conforming to the needs of the various regulatory agencies.